6 Week Course

6 Week Course

Week 1

Small Group Meeting with Life Career Coach

Through our professional career and life coaches we empower women to make a positive change in their life to be ready for the next stage. You get the benefit of a support network, a sounding board, and a fresh perspective to the challenges of reentry into the workforce.

Week 2

Personal One on One with Life Career Coach

Dive deep into your passion and unlock all your potential. Personalized Coaching enables you to generate your own solutions and results you desire with the guidance and support from a coach.

Week 3

Resume Work

Doing a resume can seem like a daunting task especially after taking a career hiatus. With our resume specialist and support team we make this as easy as possible. The sense of accomplishment and esteem that comes with completing this step is powerful step in this journey.

Week 4

Social Selling Development

Social Media is a powerful tool for networking and marketing yourself. Our tools and guidance helps not only create a profile but helps you learn how to use this vast network to find alumni, research companies and generate valuable leads.

Week 5

Wellness Workshops

As busy mothers and heads of households going back to work is a lot more than getting yourself ready it requires you get your house ready. We have tools to get you and your family ready for this transition.

Week 6

Interview / Skills

Going on an interview might seem like a forbidding process now; but with the right preparation and practice you can succeed. Our team helps you craft your authentic story and how to delivery that with confidence and ease.

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