About Us

We are a mother-oriented network for women ready to find fulfilling work in their own time and on their own terms.

Who Are We

Kerry founded OptIn years ago because she was a mother who returned to work after opting out to raise her family. She was stunned by how little opportunity there was in contrast to the number of stay at home moms who wanted to work. She joined forces with Leslie in 2014 to rethink the old model and to change the game for women. Their mission in creating OptIn is to change the way women work and to give them opportunities outside the home.

Meet The Team

Kerry Dolan

Founder and CEO

Kerry is a mother of three and a visionary. She launched her career in New York City with a start-up in videoconference technology, which led her to set up and integrate the first ever satellite video conferencing system in the world.

In 2004, with twin girls on the horizon, Kerry made the decision to opt out of her career temporarily to care for her family. When her husband’s job called for a move from Los Angeles to Annapolis, she was there to support it. Four years later, after twins and husband and another baby, she found herself missing the kind of fulfillment she had when she had her own career.

In 2009, Kerry got back to work and created the KidsCare brand, the first of its kind. It is an in-mall childcare service that allows parents to shop or dine while their kids had fun in a supervised space. Since the opening of their doors in 2012, more than 45,000 kids have come through—clearly a concept that spoke to the needs of mothers with busy schedules.

When Kerry returned to Los Angeles in 2014, she teamed up with Leslie Dubuque as her right-hand woman and OptIn was launched.

Leslie Dubuque


At the age of ten, Leslie created a position for herself at her local bank that worked with her availability—Saturdays after her favorite cartoon and before lunch. In subsequent years, she worked hard while exploring new cities to live in. First for a financial company in Atlanta and then for Dell computers in Austin.

In 2000, Leslie moved to Los Angeles and developed a career in Hollywood event planning which lasted for almost a decade. It wasn’t until after she had her second child that she opted out of full time work to raise her family.

She felt very lucky to have had the time to stay home with her two daughters while they were still young. Motherhood was the full time job she dreamed of. However, two years later after a divorce, Leslie had to re-enter the job scene, but this time, as a single mom. The landscape had changed and it soon became clear that many employers couldn’t see past the gap Leslie took for her family nor could they appreciate the flexibility she needed.

Leslie partnered up with her long time friend, Kerry, to change the way women are seen in the work place so that more opportunities—for mothers and companies alike—can be created.

Kamilla Falkowski

Marketing Coordinator

Originally from Brazil, Kamilla moved to the U.S. in 2013 to complete her postgraduate studies at New York University. Upon graduation, she was hired by the marketing team of Schutz, owned by Arezzo & Co., Brazil’s leading company in women’s footwear.

In 2014, Kamilla spearheaded another marketing team, this time for a startup fashion company. She decided to finish her Master’s degree at NYU and while studying, met Kerry in Los Angeles.

Their relationship inspired her to help launch Optin.