Forget the Resume: Transform the Gap

A mom knows who she is at home, our kids tell us, our partners tell us, our responsibilities dictate. We have to rule time and master the art of multi-tasking. But what happens when we think about returning to work and it’s been a while? Do you feel like you’re reaching for this other being floating in space a lifetime away tethered only by this faint memory that it was once you? Like in an episode of Dr. Who, you’re figuring out who you are now and what skills you have that might be relevant.

We personally know of many women who felt incredible when they were working and never thought they’d lose sight of that. But when family needs came into play and years went by without a paycheck, they ended up feeling disconnected from their sense of self-worth. Where did my mojo go? My confidence?

Most of the women coming back on the career path realize that their roles in the workplace have changed. The “ladder” metaphor no longer applies to the modern woman. We seem to be on what Sheryl Sandberg said in her bestseller, Lean in: You need to think of your career as a jungle gym.

“Ladders are limiting,” Sandberg wrote. “Jungle gyms offer more creative exploration. There are many ways to get to the top of a jungle gym. The ability to forge a unique path with occasional dips, detours and even dead ends presents a better chance for fulfillment.”

In truth, we all know that people change and evolve over the course of their lives, shifting roles in home and career. What’s satisfying then won’t be satisfying now. To re-think what you really want to do and how you’re going to do it while optimizing time and priorities, you need creativity, support and perhaps the understanding that a job with purpose can mean more than an enormous paycheck.

The fact is if you’re a parent returning to work, you already have the skills you need for the job you want—you just need to repackage these to make them more marketable.

Here at OptIn, we will guide you on how to transform the gap and set you up for success. Whether it’s getting back in touch with your network or your computer and social media skills, deciding when to go back to work or plotting your next course, we’ll have excellent and relatable references for

you. If you’re excited about that first interview but unsure of what to wear, we’ll give you the best dress options for success. Head to toe, you’ll be covered. We’ll even give you an idea of how to self-promote in your interview, artfully maneuvering the gap like a ninja!

Maybe you don’t apply for a job today, but you can still take advantage of our Optin Resources to get ready.

You have a lot to offer and a proven track record so maybe the time is right to make a plan.