What is a Life Coach?

As women, we tend to resist investing in ourselves and instead put the needs of others before our own. Traditionally, we are the ones expected to leave careers when we have children. We are expected to take the lead in raising our children, to manage the household, and to support our partners or husbands as they climb the corporate ladder. Our happiness often times can be measured by the happiness of those around us. So what happens when we start to feel stuck, lost, or wanting a change?

Enter a life coach. Life coaches help people move forward and set professional or personal goals that will help them attain the life they really want. Most successful people have had a coach, mentor, or role model that has supported them on their path to success. This support enabled them to clearly see what they wanted and outline the steps needed to making their dreams a reality. Unlike therapy, which focuses on the past, life coaches examine where you are not and where you want to go. Partnering with a life coach can help you reach your goals or find your passion.

We spoke to co-active life coach Sienna Scott who felt stuck in her career and decided to make a change.

For the past 17 years my career has been centered around the fashion industry. I have done trend consulting, luxury retail sales & management, I have designed and I have been a design consultant and I have spent a good portion as a vintage dealer. I loved this work and it was work I was very passionate about, but what was next? After each accomplishment, promotion and raise, I keep taking the next steps, until I got to a point where I didn’t know what step was next. What felt right? What was IT that I wanted to do next? I hesitated, I floundered, I got really frustrated! I no longer knew what I wanted to do. The obvious was to continue in the field that I had some much experience in and loved, so why couldn’t I figure out the next step in my career?   Why did ever idea seem uninspiring, uncomfortable and disenchanted? I was stuck.

Like many of us I turned to my closest friends & family and bent their ear a bit farther then they probably liked on the subject. Fortunately, I have a very patient friend who is, to my luck, the brilliant psychotherapist Jeremy Simpkin. In one of these long conversations I was telling him about a daydream I had from time to time. It was about leaving Los Angeles and moving to some small quaint little town and opening up a Bed n’ Breakfast with my husband, Steven. It would be amazing, Steven is such a people person, and he loves to entertain. He is a fantastic chef, has a wonderful green thumb and we could have a little farm out back and do farm to table dining. It went on and on, Steven could do this, Steven could do that, etc. Then Jeremy asked me, “Well, what would you be doing at this bed n’ breakfast?” That was the question! What would I be doing? Honestly I saw myself sitting on this great wrap around porch with the guests and would we would just talk, talk about themselves, their lives. Maybe it was just one person or two people, but they would just come and after our chat they would feel a little better. Crazy, I know! I thought I sounded ridiculous.

A few days after my confession of my “crazy” daydream, my thoughtful and sharply smart friend sent me a quick text, “Hey, have you ever thought about life coaching?” Right then I knew that was the IT that I was searching for. Once my goal was clear, it help to move me to the next step and the next and the next. Now, I am in a completely new career, one I am newly passionate about and keeps pushing me to taking new steps.

I am a co-active life coach, I was trained through Coaches Training Institute and currently working on my certification. Through this practice I co-create and collaborate with my clients about what it is they truly want in life. I am not here to fix, change or give advice but rather hold a safe space for self-discovery.  In this space my can explore their values, life purpose, and what truly inspires and resonates for them. I help guide my clients to powerfully choose what IT is they want. CHOICE. What a beautiful thing that is!”

Want to meet Sienna Scott and find out more about life coaching, Join us February 3rd at 9:30 am WeWork Santa Monica, 312 Arizona Avenue.